Free Homework Help (FHH) Schedule


This program is for children in Kindergarten to 8th grade. Every Wednesday evening from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, children come for free tutoring and homework help. 

Volunteers from high schools and colleges in our area, come to help with any homework the children bring. If the children do not bring their homework, they work on grade level math worksheets. 

Jesus provided generous donors who provides pizza and juice for the kids to eat for dinner. 

This program follows the Baltimore County Public School (BCPS) Open/Close schedule. Therefore, when schools are closed, homework help is also closed. When schools are open, homework help is also open.

However, this program continues in the summer, with math help, to ensure kids retain what they have learnt in school. 

FHH is closed 12/17/2017 and will restart 1/7/2018