Special Events @ The Pantry

Back to School


2017 Back to School was a wonderful event. Jesus provided through those that love Him, school supplies for 86 children. 

If you missed it this year, please check out our FaceBook page @AgapeFoodPantry for pictures and videos of the event. 

We will be doing the same thing next year, if Rapture doesn't happen before then. 

Thank you to all the volunteers, supporters and the kids who attended.



Thanksgiving is very special to us here at the Pantry. It is a day the nation sets aside to give thanks to God. We give thanks and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Thanksgiving event is on the 3rd Saturday of every November. Registration is required to receive Thanksgiving groceries for a delicious meal cooked in your own home. 

Registration opens in October for 3-weeks. 

Jesus Birthday Party

 Every year we have a birthday party to celebrate Jesus's birthday. We have pizza, cupcakes, drinks and lots of fun. This activity does not require registration. It will be on the 3rd Saturday in December, 12/16/2017